Q 1. What is the coverage of Eurorubber?

A= Depends on the surface. We work on an average of 2.7 lt per square meter.

Q2. Is Eurorubber trial and tested?

A= Liquid rubber was developed in 1991 Canada and since be applied with great results.

Q3. Are the products environmentally friendly?

A= yes. It is and can be used in various industries. It carries a certification of membership of the Green Building Council of South Africa.

Q4. How many layers must be applied?

A= A minimum of two layers or until the required thicknes has been reached. AGAIN THE SURFACE IT GETS APPLIED TO WILL PLAY A ROLL.

Q5. Can it only be applied by spray on?

A= No. It can be applied by brush and roller as well. The economics of scale will determine what method will be used.

Q6. Can it be used on old torched on surfaces?

A= It can be used on top of as long as the membrane has not been compromised. The liquid rubber has an excellent adhesive property and will sit on most surfaces that is dry and dust free.

Q7. Can Liquid rubber be used on asbestos roofs?

A= Yes it can be used on asbestos, zink, galvanised and cement roof sheets.
It is used to encapsulate asbestos roofs to conform to goverment regulations with asbestos.

Q8. Does it come in colours?

A= It’s main function is to waterproof and prevent rust. It is therfore only available in black. Real rubber does not colour easilly and weakens with colour aditives.


A= Yes. It is a protective coating called Euro grade seal which comes in a variety of colours that can be applied onto the liquid rubber.

Q10. Will the liquid rubber prevent rust?

A= Yes. The layer will cut off the water and oxygen supply to the metal surface water and oxygen are the main ingredients for rust forming.

Q11. Can liquid rubber be used to waterproof dams, koi ponds and water features.?

A= Yes. Preparation of the surface is very important. Contact your agent for detail at multisealcoatings@gmail.com

Q12. What areas do we service?

A= We focus on Cape Town, Paarl, Stellenbosch, Wellington, Franschhoek.
We have agents that can be of service to you any where in South Africa, Namibia and other states in Africa. Please send your requirements to multisealcoatings@gmail.com

Q13. What is the guarantee on liquid rubber?

A= The guarantee is backed by the Supplier Earorubber, van Riebeeck road, Blackheath.
It carries a 5 year guarantee which gets extended after an inspection for another 5 years. SEE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ON YOUR QUOTATION.

Q14. How easy is liquid rubber applications?

A= It can eassily be applied by spray, brush or roller. The preparation of the surface is more complicated and therefor only appoved applicator are allowed to do applications. This is why the application is backed by a guarantee of the manufacturer.

Q15. What can liquid rubber be used for?

– Waterproofing of all types of roofs
– Waterproofing of dams , ponds and reservoirs or any food grade container.
– Waterproofing of concrete decks and balconies. It can even be use as a tile adhesive.
– Waterproofing of shower floors and walls.
– Waterproofing of subsoil foundations and walls.
– Rust prevention n metals.
– Corrosion prevention in the mining, marine and other industries.

Q16. What are the advantages of using liquid rubber versus torch on bitumen and cementious applications?

– Liquid rubber forms a solid membrane with no laps and joints where leaks can appear.
– It is very elastic and stretches more then 900 %
– It has self repairing property if it gets punctured.