High pressure cleaning is used to remove all loose and flaking paints as well as to ensure all powdery sediments are removed prior to painting. Surfaces are also treated with fungal wash to ensure all mould growth is inhibited. High-pressure cleaning is ideal for cleaning of walls, roofs and paved areas.


We use Liquid Rubber, Torched-on, membrane and cementations systems depending on surface suitability. All situations are carefully assessed and an appropriate system applied for long term solution. Our Torched –on system carries a 10year guarantee. We specialize in Concrete decks, Roofs, Balconies, Parapets, Flashings and shower floors.

Damp Seal

As dampness is one of the major causes of flaking and pealing paints all surfaces needs to be assessed in terms of painting requirements and dampness. We use Sika, Watershield and Liquid Plastic applications to prevent the ingress of water.

Concrete Protection and repair

Spalling results from corrosion of reinforced steel that is exposed to oxygen and moisture and thus causing the steel to rust. All loose concrete must be mechanically removed, the steel treated for corrosion and the concrete repaired with concrete repair mortar.

Roof Coating

All surfaces are hydro blasted to remove mould and other contaminants. Waterproofing problems are attended to at concrete ridges, parapets and flashings. On galvanized roofs, attention is given to loose bolts, screws and bent side-laps, turn-ups and turndown.

Interior And Exterior Painting

1.Assessment of our clients needs: In this process we determine the requirements of the coatings and work that needs to be done as well as the scope of work the client needs to follow their requirements.
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Interior and exterior painting continued

2.Project specifications:

a.Applications: we determine the best application for the situation to provide a long-term solution and esthetical pleasing decoration. We also ensure that the painting spec’s are within the instructions of manufacturers and Coatings Advisory Specialists.

b.Safety: Safety is not negotiable and is prescribed in the New Construction Regulations dd 18 July 2003.

c.Legalities: Multi Seal & Coatings is a registered company with the BIBC Multi Seal & Coatings 1870/2008.

3. Preparation of substrates: We believe that 80% of the quality of coatings is determined by the correct and sufficient preparation of the surface that needs to be coated.

4.Applications: We work to approved specifications and all work carries a warranty. We use only excellent quality materials of approved suppliers. Our workmanship is of the highest quality and is ensured by constant monitoring.